Walking and Hiking around Idong

I have had some time to explore around our little part of the city and found some really awesome views. Living around elevation is amazing! Coming from a fairly flat part of the US it is neat to see mountains and actually get to look down on a city.

This post is mostly about pictures, so here you go:
There are these little outdoor work out areas all over Pohang, in parks, near hiking areas. I think these are awesome, wish there were more in America.
Found some pretty sweet hiking trails as well. It’s insane that I was in the middle of the city and there were these great forest trails.
Apparently, it is important to be have a time source out on these trails. I appreciated it.
Amazing views! I think I will be hiking around here a lot.

If anyone has questions or anything they would like to see pictures of, leave a comment 🙂

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