New apartment and my mad decorating skills!

It’s that time of year again! Christmas time and also, blog post time! Since we haven’t been traveling or doing much else besides teaching, I haven’t updated the blog in a while . Winter certainly seems to shut down a lot of the activity in Pohang (well, physical activity). As much as I enjoy all the mosquitos being dead, I will be happy when summer rolls around.

We have managed to remain somewhat active during this hibernation period.  In the past couple of weeks Kevin has been playing quite a bit of soccer. The team he plays for, The Ironmen, had their team banquet and Kevin won ‘Most Improved Player’ of the season! He also won the ‘Man of the Match’ title during one of the soccer matches. Go Kevin!

Unfortunately, for me, sand volleyball isn’t really much of a winter sport. I instead, have been doing some walking and hiking around Pohang (also using all those handy-dandy work out stations that appear to be everywhere in Korea). I can’t wait for the weather to warm up and get back on the beach.

In the meantime………..
We have finally gotten our apartment mostly furnished and I went on a bit of a low budget holiday decorating spree. Below are some pictures of what the apartment looks like!
DSC02066 DSC02054
Our lovely living room, complete with Christmas tree, presents and snowflakes! Oh, and SANTA!!

DSC02051 DSC02049
The countdown Christmas chain, stockings, and our amazing floor to ceiling coat rack (and that lovely Christmas tree close was a lot of fun for me to make/decorate)

DSC02048 DSC02045
Look at those lovely snowflakes and kickin’ stockings!

Did I mention that all of the decorations cost less that $8! I did spend a good chunk of my time creating said decoration though……WORTH IT!

And now for some more bland pictures of the undecorated parts of the apartment.
DSC02061 DSC02062i
The amazing tea kettle sent to us by Kathy Sawrie (Thank YOU! We are drinking so much tea thanks to both the Sawries and the Jordans), and our tiny, bitty kitchen wall….that’s really what it is, a wall.

DSC02063 DSC02058
Once again, our bathroom that is basically a shower stall with a toilet and sink in it, but still very stylish and awesome. Also, we now have an additional bedroom, instead of last studio style apartment (this is where Kevin sits and plays game cube all day long, just kidding…not all day).

Culture Update/Observation:
I have found out from my students and co teachers that Christmas in Korea is less of a family holiday and more of a romantic, couples holiday. Kids don’t talk about waiting for Santa to come leave presents by under their Christmas tree (it seems a lot of families don’t even have a Christmas tree). There are a few decorations around the city and it is observed as a national holiday. However, Christmas doesn’t seem like that big of deal over here in Korea. The foreigners intend to capture as much of the holiday as possible! Some of us foreigners have a plan for Christmas day, but you will have to read one of my blog posts after Christmas to learn more about that! (Pictures will be posted!)

Happy Holidays to all who are reading my post. Kevin and I wish we could be with family and friends back in America during the holiday season, but we are also excited to spend the holidays in the company of our good friends in Korea!

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