Couchsurfers in Pohang

This past weekend we hosted our very first couchsurfers! For those of you who do not know, is a site which allows a person to host or surf (stay) with people all over the world. I think it is an amazing idea and am very grateful that one of my friends introduced me to the site. It is kind of like getting a bed & breakfast plus tour guide to the city. 

So anyhow, we hosted a couple from Poland who are tandem biking across Europe and Asia. Seems like a pretty amazing journey to me. I think they had been on the road for about 7 months and somewhere around 6,800 miles (about 11,000km). In case you were wondering, they did not bike through North Korea to get to South Korea. They took a ferry from China.

Our guests stayed with us for two nights. The first night they joined us for dinner at a fancy Japanese Tuna restaurant (I say fancy because it was also expensive, haha). This restaurant serves mostly raw tuna from almost every part of the fish. My favorite was the sashimi style slices of fish with rice. “Fancier” parts of the fish included the marrow, cheeks, head and eyes (Kevin tried all of these, I only tried a few).

The second day we took our guests to the Jukdo market and stream street. I have talked about these places in previous blog posts, but let me refresh your memory. Stream street (as the foreigners call it), is a pedestrian mall lined with shopping venues and a few eating establishments. As you walk down this boardwalk-like street one can hear music blaring and mixing together. I am convinced this type of marketing is only slightly effective. The loud, fast music makes me want to buy things, but I also just want to get away from the club-like noise. After we exited the day time club/pedestrian shopping area we headed over to Jukdo market. I doubt we will be able to see all of that market in the time we are in Pohang. The little temporary stands/shops go on forever. This visit we focused mostly on the fish district and saw a lot of live squids, fish, crabs, lobsters and even a sting ray!

Once we finished exploring the market, our guests wanted to check out one of the hiking trails I had recently hiked. While they walked up the mountain, Kevin and I went to play tennis with a couple foreigner friends. It was more Kevin playing tennis while I watched and also taught myself to juggle. This trick has came in handy for entertaining the many Korean children who wanted to talk to us during the tennis match. I had my first “famous” experience since arriving in Korea. The children wanted to talk to me, shake my hand (shaking my hand was a big deal for them, one girl asked to shake my hand three times), and also take their picture with me. I was happy to entertain the kids and help them practice their English!

We had a good time hosting Aleksander and Karolina. I hope we will get to host more surfers while we are here in Pohang.

Here is Aleksander and Karolina’s blog:

It is all in Polish, but the pictures are awesome!


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