Visiting Homigot

Kevin and I purchased a scooter less than a week ago. We have enjoyed using it to get around the downtown area of Pohang, but on Sunday we were determined to travel a little further. We decided to go to Homigot, it is the most eastern point of South Korea and only about an hour scooter ride from where we live.

Kevin looking stylish in his leather jacket and helmet.

On the way to Homigot!

The drive to Homigot is fairly simple and well publicized. We basically followed signs that either said Pohang airport or Homigot and made it to our destination with ease. The drive was extremely pretty, we pulled over a few times to check the view of the sea.

Side note: If you are on the fence about buying a scooter while living in Korea…do it. You will not regret it. Having a scooter gives you a lot of freedom to see more of the city and country. Also, it seems there is no license required. We bought our scooter off a fellow expat, no papers, no plates…welcome to Korea.

DSC01726 DSC01728 DSC01733 DSC01736
DSC01739 DSC01747DSC01749
Another lovely and actually kind of cool site was all the squid drying in the sun. Something you don’t see in the Midwest United States.

Once we arrived at Homigot, we navigated over to the Homigot Sunrise Plaza and ascended to the observation deck. The visitor center is a small museum about Pohang and Pohang’s history. This landmark, Homigot, is a huge attraction on New Year’s Day. Many Koreans will travel to Homigot to witness the first sunrise of the new year. There are some hand sculptures, palms facing each other, which symbolize harmony and coexistence.
Here are some photos of Homigot:DSC01766
The Homigot Sunrise Plaza.
Observation deck facing the sea.DSC01762Observation deck facing the mountains. (This seems to be the Korean way to take a picture)
DSC01773 DSC01778DSC01767“Homigot” means Tiger’s Tail Cape, which explains why we saw so many pictures of tigers everywhere.

This was a wonderful trip and a great way to celebrate our first month in Korea. I hope many more trips will take place over our time here.
Bonus Photos:

Coming soon….
The Amazing Softball Tournament and getting a Korean Bank Account (woo!)

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