Teaching, Volleyball Tournament, Slacklining, Rock Climbing

It has been a really long time since my last post! This has been due to moving, buying furniture and also just being out of the house a lot.

We moved into a brand new apartment a little over a week ago. It is a 2 room apartment. In America it would be considered a small one bedroom apartment, but here in Korea this is quite the find! Much thanks goes to our director at the school. Speaking of school…I have finally started teaching! I have been teaching for about a week now and getting use to the schedule, after being FUNemployed for almost 2 months, has been a little difficult. I teach kids as young as 6 and as old as 15. Teaching different ages has actually been pretty nice, if I taught 6 year olds all day long I think I would be incredibly tired at the end of the day (props to Kindergarten teachers, how do you do it?).

If I hadn’t mentioned it before, I am teaching at a Hagwon (a private English academy for kids). I teach from 4:00pm to 9:30pm every weekday. One can tell, as the night goes on, these middle school kids are very tired. They go from public school straight into to their English studies. It’s hard for me to imagine going to school all day and then essentially going to school all night, then going home to do my homework. But enough about teaching for now.

Fun news. Kevin and I went down to the beach for a volleyball tourney a couple weeks ago. It was about 50 waygooks (foreigners) getting together at the beach for volleyball, frisbee, slacklining, and hotdogs! We both had a lot of fun, let’s look at some of the pictures……
Kevin and me at the beach once again (Koreans may think beach season is over, but I’ll play out there until it’s snowing, haha)

Slacklining extraordinaire!


A lot of Waygooks made it out to the beach!

It seems most everyone gets around my motorcycle or scooter. That is one reason Kevin and I decided to buy a scooter! I will post pictures soon!


Rock Climbing!
One of our Korean friends, from our school, drove us out to the artificial outdoor wall in Pohang. It is the tallest artificial wall Kevin and I have ever climbed and the tallest artificial wall in Korea (65.6 ft or 20 meters). It was a very exciting experience and now that we have the scooter, we can go back as often as we want (we will just have to deal with the cold).

Here is the massive wall in all its glory.

This is Kevin at the top.

Kevin and Joon-Ho are ready to go!

These were all views from the top of the wall (don’t worry mom, I had my camera clipped to me, no way to drop it).

All in all, very fun experiences! Tune in soon for scooter pics, softball pics and apartment pics (we are still in the process of furnishing it….in the near future we may finally get to stop living out of our suitcases!)

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