More Hiking….and a spider

Kevin and I went back out to that same spot where I did some hiking and decided to wander around some more and get kind of lost. We found a lot more exercise equipment interspersed on the trails. This outdoor exercise equipment is an idea I very much enjoy, almost every park and trail has some sort of equipment on it (I even found an outdoor inversion table!). I’ve noticed that it seems Pohang really enjoys twisting motions and spinning….
An example: 

I also found a giant spider:
And some more pictures of that amazing view:

4 thoughts on “More Hiking….and a spider

  1. Okay, I know you said something in your title about a spider, but my arachnophobia was totally unprepared for the photo. Yikes!! How big was the spider, because I’m not not going to try studying the photo to try to figure it out. lol.

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